People from the past

Once upon a time, you were out for some drinks with a friend. Nothing out of the ordinary, just a chance to catch-up and have a break from the routine of the mid-week. In-fact, you were just thinking how much you’d love a change to come along; something that would pick you up, dust you off, and put you on a different course. You talk the most part of the evening away, wrapping yourself up in the comfort of happy memories. As it gets late, you decide to get one for the road. At the bar, you’re waiting like normal, and then out of the blue comes a friend you haven’t seen for months and months. Not just any old friend either, but the one you struck such an amazing chord with since day-one. It just so happened that your lives went on different paths, as naturally happens. That means the separation was natural, rather than something you or they imposed. Sometimes you might actually think about them whilst you’re away living your new life, but for the most part they fade away. Life moves very quickly when you’re busy truddling along through the weeks. Then when you suddenly see someone you hold so dearly from the life you used to live, it feels like you only just left them. It brings on such a powerful bunch of emotions. As you catch-up with them you come to realise just how long it’s been, and just how much has changed in your life, and in theirs. In-between your last meeting and now, you’ve both formed new relationships with new people, and you’ve grown as individuals, yet there’s still something inside you that sings along with something inside them, and it lights up the night. Leaving it is difficult. You know that’s where your paths diverge again, and you’re back into the wilderness. The only solace you take is the thought that one day you’ll probably bump into each other again and strike the same chord you always have done.

I hope the way I’ve described it makes sense to you. It’s quite hard to write down the whirlwind of emotion you feel when someone from the past comes into your life again briefly. This has happened to me quite a lot recently, I’m happy to say. A few months ago, the scenario I just spoke about happened to me. I was out with my Dad, and out of nowhere a group of friends from my teenage years came in. As soon as I saw them all the memories we’d built in earlier years came rushing back to me. Seeing them again, all of them successful in their lives, was amazing. It’s like you’ve seen them grow into better versions of themselves. When you look back you can pinpoint where they started off on the journeys they’re now finishing. It’s amazing to see.

Not very long after that, a very good friend from college reappeared, and for a short while we spoke again with the same chemistry we had when we first met. She writes things down as well, and it’s nice knowing our paths crossing had as much impact on her as it did on me. Despite the fact we’re just not meant to be in regular contact, it makes the rare times we do speak feel all that bit sweeter.

And only last week, I got back in contact with someone who was very important to me a couple of years ago. Unfortunately we parted on bad terms, but our meeting again showed me how good a healer time can actually be. I hate ending on bad terms with people, and I always dwell on what I could have done to prevent anything bad from happening. It’s just nice to be able to sit here now and say that actually a bad ending doesn’t have to be permanent.

So, this one’s for all of the people from the past. We made some awesome memories together, and I love seeing you all growing into the mould you made for yourselves when I was in your life.